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Tacky Bead Wrap Strip

Our "bead wrap" is a lightweight fabric made with nylon and RFL treated used for wrapping the coils of bead wire and binding them. This allows the bundles of the bead-wire to be held cohesively in one place; otherwise, they tend to separate out leading to tire failure under severe operating conditions.

Mecords bead wrap strip is precision slit, tackified and supplied in tape form. The, tape width ranges form 15 to 25 mm .The bead wrap can be readily used in bead wrapping, spiral and envelope wrapping, without the need for calendaring.


Cap Ply

High-speed radial tires are reinforced with steel belts. At higher running speeds, the steel belts tend to expand (called tire growth) and the sharp steel cords tend to cut the adjoining rubber, which may result in tire failure.

To restrict the tire growth, a cap ply (also called "overlay") is introduced in the tire-circumferential direction above the steel belt layer. The cap ply is textile reinforcement, typically nylon 66, holds the steel belts in place and thus prevents the tire growth. The width of cap ply extends beyond the edge of steel belt.

Flipper Fabric

Under severe operating conditions of a tire, the flipper fabric prevents radial-ply separation from bead structure. The flipper fabric covers the bead partly and avoids direct contact between bead and radial / carcass-plies

Traditionally tire-cord fabric is used as Flippers in tires. For special requirements, RFL treated square woven fabric, is used in place of tire cord fabric.